Writer’s block


It’s a dreaded word for writers and journalist. The time when you need to finish a story, a feature, a news report, but when you face your laptop or desktop computer you face a blank wall and can think of nothing and even cannot properly arrange the words running in your head.

Eventually, you ended up doing nothing since you can’t find the suitable title, right heading, and later on doing something not related to what you are supposed to do since, you meet a blank wall in writing whatever you wanted to write.

It happened to me several times. Since I am most fond of beating the deadline with three to five news quota my news editor has given us to get every day from my previous newspaper writing job. If lucky I could land a two to three stories but never more than that since my area of coverage is to wide and my time spent collecting news reports is never been enough.

The main contributing factor on why I am facing a writer’s block is my lack of focus, materials to write and many things that seems to pop at the times when you are aiming to do your job and doing something useful.

I have quit my journalist job, planning to work abroad but eventually I ended up in a never-ending saga of writing articles that is much more demanding and brain draining article writing job I got online. Pay is good without having to lick your boss ego everytime if you want a raise, but it eventually boils down to pay per work scheme, where when you got sick, or just have been stuck whole day playing Mafia Wars or watching TV you are paid less.

When I decided to change the outlook and perspective of this blog, from being a hard news source, into a more personal tambutso of my eccentricities and sometimes “serious” thoughts about the world, I thought I could easily blend in to the world of personal bloggers making an interesting post each day.

But sadly, maybe I was too engrossed and highly brainwashed on my previous journalist job, added by ever demanding online job to do each morning (early hours at that), I got a rare chance to write something long and worthy (for me) to read.

I ended up looking for a CD I burned years back and select some of my writings (poems I called) and post it on my site just to keep an update on my blog and maybe, not to make someone wonder why I rarely post in my blog.

I was too detached to my personal emotions in my five-year stint as a journalist, since mostly you don’t put yourself on your story, and that is the main reason why I never seen myself getting into personal opinions and tsismis anymore on my writings.

I talked a lot, and still do today, and I think I needed system to record things that I say and look for something interesting like new ideas and discoveries I would have to be put here to make it an interesting to read by whom it may concern.

Right now, I’m still struggling to think of a best anecdote, a note to start a topic, and way how to make a useful blog to make readers stick on this blog. Still, I’m having a writer’s block.

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