Perez Vows to Help Plameras


SAN JOSE, Antique – Governor Salvacion Perez vows to do all she can to help her former allied turned political arch nemesis Jovito Plameras.

Plameras who was former Governor and Congressman of Antique was a staunch ally of Perez but later parted ways when Plameras run against Perez for governor in last 2007 elections.

Plameras was found for guilty for crime of graft and corruption by Sandiganbayan last December 3. Sandiganbayan Third Division convicted him in connection with an anomalous purchase of school desks and armchairs worth P5.67 million in 1997.

He faces six to 10 years of imprisonment and payment of P2.65 million to the provincial government of Antique corresponding to the value of undelivered desks and armchairs by supplier CKL Enterprises.

The case was filed by Antique representative Exequiel Javier, his former political nemesis turned ally and running mate for congressman in 2007 elections.

Perez said that she sympathizes with Vito’s (Plameras nickname) plight. She said that she will arrange for top brass lawyers to represent him in his appeal to the Supreme Court. Likewise she said Senator Edgardo Angara, trough Perez intercession pledges legal assistance.

Perez said that she was surprise by the turn of events that lead to Plameras publicized conviction. She said that it is already a public knowledge in Antique that Plameras turned his back on her and joined Perez political arch nemesis Cong. Javier because of the case where months before the election the office of the Ombudsman has already found a “probable cause”.

Capitol spokesman Eric Otayde opined that he (Plameras) may have expected that Javier will help him with the case since it was Javier who filed the case in the first place but he was wrong.

Observers says that there is an agreement between Javier and Plameras camp to arrange the case as one of the preconditions for the two former political nemesis to run together in 2007 elections.

Otayde said that Plameras was used as propaganda machine tool by Javier to destroy Perez. Plameras loyalists in Capitol and in the province are in the state of shock, upset and disappointed with what happened and they blame the congressman.

Perez clarified that Plameras is not yet guilty until an appeal with the Supreme Court has been made. I believe in our justice system and hopes that he (Plameras) will vindicated.

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