Perez to Deliver SOPA Today


SAN JOSE, Antique – Antique Governor Salvacion Perez will give update on the major thrusts and service areas of her administration as she delivers her State of the Province Address (SOPA) today.

Perez who is serving Antique for her last term as Governor said that this is her 7th year of delivering SOPA and also her second term as Regional Development Council (RDC) chair.

In her administration, Perez said that the leadership in the province is working together in the formulation of policies through the establishment of Executive and Legislative bodies (LEDAC), the formation of strong alliance with provinces in Panay and Visayas on burning issues.

Perez reveals that the Antique economic status is on the boom with the entry of various investors to the provinces.

Perez said her administration accomplishment includes increased of provincial average income from 2005 to 2007, positive Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) results that focused on 5 service areas such as governance, administration, social services, economic and environmental management.

She also added that major accomplishments was done in her administration 5 major thrusts in food security, education, health and nutrition, tourism, history, culture and arts and environment and natural resources.

She also delivers the status of her top 10 priorities previously mentioned in her last SOPA such as the plan to build new hospital, the controversial Solong Bridge, construction of Tiolas-Hamtic road, Culasi port rehabilitation, crisis center fort women and children, 5 star hotel construction in San Jose and Gaisano mall, construction of Leon-San Remigio road, hydro powered projects and legislative building.

Damages and rehabilitation of the recent Typhoon Frank in Antique shift in priorities for the rehabilitation plan will also be discussed.

On economy Perez will tackle food security and hunger mitigation programs, environmental programs and trade industry, while on social services health and nutrition, education and other programs will also be reported.

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