Motivating the Motivator


Writing has been my forte since highschool until college, the time the ink flows synchronizing my running thoughts was a frequent hobby. Poetry justifies the heartaches, kills the boredom and the moment of expression for hidden thoughts and unexpressed feelings.

I dreamed of being a writer. The one who can tickle the fancy of a reader bringing their thoughts to the storylines you want them to go, as if you’re with each other in each words being read on the paper.

But since becoming a journalist, where writing plain words has become a custom, affected my ability to squeeze out the creative juices. The careful choices of words to be used to make the article more mysterious, or deep. Now, the moment of writing has turned into monotony, where schedules and deadlines should be meet and the days of yearning of writing notes of ideas in a notebook under the shade of the tree has become a history.

After taking a break from journalism, comes the addiction to internet. I learn the ways of World Wide Web, studied web development and coding since unlucky as I am college did not taught me those.

I have this domain for a time, and its changes from one topic to another, mainly made for making money online scheme. But the yearning for the past haunts me, and the things that I wanted to share not just my own by line but my thoughts remains to be fulfilled.
The problem remains. Lack of motivation and the sparks. I missed the days of getting the writer’s block. Now, I don’t dare to call myself a writer.

I am trying to change all that. Maybe sell, or let some domains expire to focus on this blog. To get updates on politics, issues that affects my community as well as my country, the world.

I need focus and motivation, and lots of lots of ideas. Will anyone offer some help?

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