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Ok, I was busy – short of defense in justifying my lack of thoughts posting another “big thing” in what is supposed to be a personal diary/blog made with commercial intent of propagating my thoughts and beliefs and myself to unsuspecting web enthusiasts.

Well, on Nov. 1, I spent my two days watching TV and playing with chickens (Read: poultry not women) my brother painstakingly trying to feed. By the way I went to Aklan on October 29 since I haven’t gone home since July and there I found the chicken.

I’m back here again facing the monitor that makes my eyes sick and the keyboard and mouse that makes me think I hate computers. By the way, I’m still finding a way to supplement my blog post on smoking since writers block has not yet ended.

I have been listening for hours now at revolutionary progressive songs in the net and kinda miss the tibak days.

Got something fun is not yet within my eyesight since I’m struggling to cope up with the preparation for the next writing competition our paper is sponsoring this November. By the way, despite my mind having no-directions for awhile, I managed to get a shot of this dog which was never touch or pampered by a human hand (it’s doesn’t like to be touch).

The dog’s name is Sampid that my uncle in Antique adopted few years back.

While watching this video, I got curious of searching how popular my site now is in the search engine on the term “Ernan” and voila its in the number 4. But I also found the site that beats my blog on the ranking featuring Ernan, a singer who sings the song “The Children”?

Hmm what if I’ll make my own song? What do you think?

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