I’m Writing Again


Our TV set was broken after a lightning struck our cable line. I don’t know if my uncle will buy a new TV set but this time I’m spending my night writing. Yes, old fashion me on the notebook I bought a month ago.

Still, I’m in Antique three years and counting and maybe Ill get married here, who knows my girl will nod on my plan to build our mansion on the cold mountains of Aningalan, San Remigio the Antique’s “Little Baguio.”

For my friendster pals who want to kill me because I am not replying to their messages, please postpone the assassination plot because I’m still too busy tinkering with my stubborn PC and fixing my site to make it another Friendster/MySpace/Hi5 site for us and the people of Panay, Philippines.

Sometimes I’m too busy playing Gameboy owned by a neighbor’s kid whenever brown-out hit San Jose like its a new story. Well, life in Antique is sure boring and I need past time entertainment for myself other than ruining my eyes facing the computer every day.

Nothing new about me, except the time when my excitement to have my own blog at last subsided and I want to sell the domains. But hey, I said to myself like I always do why not keep it and use it to make money? Besides learning the craft of knowing other web passwords and downloading, watching laughing over the crazy stuffs on the internet where I spent hours of my days I yet to finish something.

They say it’s a problem of concentration and with so many things in mind I sometimes want to get hysterical. Anyway, maybe a checklist will help me organize myself and my thoughts so that for once in a week in the least this blog will be updated. God, sometimes, I hate having a writer’s block.

GMA Stringer Check have just spent the last of the cents I saved for my talent fee I received as stringer of GMA TV Iloilo. The chicken smell pervades my nose now as I burped the last gas of the chicken’s pitso from Mang Inasal.

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