Hello December


I laughed at the thought that I turned 29 this December. Few ticks and I’ll be out of the calendar but still I’m clueless what the future holds.

I took no offense at a text joke of Krisha few minutes ago, telling me that the brown-out coincided with the massive black-out in Antique; I know it happened without me doing something about it but I laugh so hard at the idea. Hmm… why not do it on purpose next year.. Wicked.

It was 2 days ago when that happened and as I kept my mouth mum without telling a soul that it’s my birthday since I’m broke that time. Until now, only my friendster friends knows it and Arvie, my wife to be. 🙂

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m thinking what it will be. Although I don’t believe in Christmas, it’s a commercialize season that I intend to enjoy. I got a long vacation and I planned to savor it bit by bit. I’m also overly excited right now because my girlfriend will at last spend few days home and I miss her so much that I wanted to bite her. She’ll be home in a couple of days and I’m eagerly waiting…

Can you imagine an inlove Martian that hasn’t seen his girl for sometime. Just imagine.

I haven’t check on this blog for a while. Can’t seem to cope up with the rising demand of work and other schedule, but hopefully in January you will see more of me in my posts.

Merry Christmas!

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