CPP-Panay cites gains on its 41st anniversary


KALIBO, Aklan – The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)-Panay cited their gains in their struggle against the “annihilative” campaigns of government forces on its 41st founding anniversary.

In an email statement to Panay News, Concha Araneta, spokesperson of the CPP Regional Party Committee, said the CPP and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), has “successfully frustrated the government’s Oplan Bantay Laya II (OBL-II) and is now ready to advance the stages of their protracted people’s war.”

The CPP was established on December 26, 1968 by Jose Ma. Sison who is now on exile in The Netherlands.

The CPP embraces the Maoist ideology of launching armed revolution in the countryside and encirclement of cities to capture state power.

Araneta said they are now formulating a five-year plan to “reach the strategic stalemate that will capacitate the NPA to be at par with the government’s forces.”

She cited that the NPA has thwarted the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)’s OBL-II campaign spearheaded by the 82nd Infantry Battalion to clear Panay of their presence.

“The coordinated attacks of the enemy’s battalion size operation, clearing operations and SOT of the Central and Southern Front of the NPA in Panay was meet with tactical offensives by the NPA in the form of harassments and maneuvers using rifles and command detonated landmines,” she said.

These forced the Army to consolidate their forces to avoid being attacked and use helicopters to sustain their troops in the mountains, she added.

Araneta revealed that of the 18 armed encounters between the Philippine Army and the NPA, the revolutionary forces killed nine government troops and wounded 13 others.

She said that despite the two-year sustained operation of the five battalions of the Army in Negros Island that contributed to diversion of government forces from Panay to Negros, the NPA has “remained strong.”

“Despite intense militarization, the Party has steadfastly lead the movement in improving the people’s lives in the countryside through advancement in agricultural productions, increase in the prices of farm products, cooperatives, and protection of the forces and the environment, fire and landslide, peace and order and health promotions,” she stressed.

“The Party also leads in increasing consciousness, culture and organizations of the people in the establishment of the organs of political power in the countryside that will serve as the embryo of the people’s revolutionary government,” she added.

The CCP spokesperson said they are also participating with the progressives and opposition figures to frustrate the chances of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s “henchmen” in Panay in the May elections such as the likes of Raul Gonzalez, Sr.

Araneta revealed that the CPP Central Committee has already ordered to “advance the stages of the guerilla warfare through intensive and extensive guerrilla warfare based on an ever widening mass base, formation of company-sized NPA fronts with platoon-based basic NPA units and intensify tactical offensives.”

Photo courtesy of Inquirer.

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