Bugo Bridge poses danger to residents


SAN JOSE, Antique – The construction of the multi-million peso bridge in San Remigio remains unfinished one year after Typhoon “Frank” hit the province. It poses danger to residents, barangay officials said.

The bridge in barangay Brgy. Bugo in San Remigio is being constructed reportedly with budget of P9 million.

Barangay Kagawad Virginia Dela Cruz said that even if the bridge is completed, not be last long because it is made of substandard materials and causes siltation. This made the river water find another route.

She claimed construction workers are using recycled or drifted materials from the old bridge.

At the height of Typhoon “Frank”, Bugo and neighboring barangays of Trinidad, Bagumbayan, San Rafael was submerged underwater.
The flood water washed out the bridge that connects the barangays to the town proper of San Remigio. Thousands of houses were also damaged.

Dela Cruz said the river now slices into two routes that eat up portion of bridge approach, the reason people can no longer use the improvised bridge.

Residents use improvised bancas and balsa to cross the new river route towards the bridge. During heavy rains, the bridge is impassable.
The river rechanneling project, according to Brgy. Captain Felipe Victoriano is controversial since the contractor only dug few meters deep into the river and put low sand pile along the bank.

The gabion structures, which were put up to protect river from soil erosion, is useless, he added.

The total cost of the rechanneling and gabion structures amounted to P7 million. Hwoever, barangay officials suspect that the contractors did not spend that much because the rechanneling materials were washed out during a strong rain recently.

Barangay officials complained that the project was implemented without their knowledge and approval.

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