Boracay bans flying sky lantern for New Year


Sky lanterns is becoming popular in the Philippines, but flying one in Boracay especially during New Year festivity is not allowed, according to the Bureau of Fire Protection Unit.

Fire Inspector Stephen Jardeleza in a radio interview said that the ban on flying lanterns is due to the fear that it may cause fire, and may also violate the Fire Code. Thus, he advised the public not to engage in such activities.

Meanwhile, resort and hotel owners besides conducting parties are preparing a grandiose fireworks display that will be held at the sea using pump boats. Those who are interested to conduct their firework display has already secured their clearance from the municipal government, said Jardeleza.

Aklan Tourism record shows that New Year is the time tourist arrivals is on its peak, since local and international tourist choose to stay in the island to celebrate the occasion. (by Ernan Baldomero)

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